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What is CNC Metal Engraving Machine?

CNC Metal Engraving Machine is a CNC engraving machine, mainly used for engraving and carving on metal materials. It is also called Metal CNC Router, Metal Carving Machine. It can make carving and cutting on plexiglass, PVC board, ABS board, KT board, wood, gemstone, marble, jade, aluminum-plastic board, iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, etc.

CNC Metal Engraving Machine Features

1. The machine can be paused at any time, increase or decrease working speed, adjust working depth, and can preview and plan and stereograms the of the engraving path

2. No need to re-type or go back to the original point to reproduce when the tool breaking, easy to operate and learn, support many CAD /CAM software such as Artcam, Artcut, Type3, JD etc.

3. With the function of breakpoint continued carving, processing time prediction in case of an accident or the next day to continue processing.

4. The CNC metal engraving machine body has high bearing capacity and no deformation. The imported double nut screw ensures the carving speed. The high precision square linear guide rail in Taiwan can effectively improve the engraving accuracy.

5. The metal CNC router machine adopts high speed water cooling frequency spindle, strong distance, strong cutting, high frequency, long life, can work continuously for long time.

CNC Metal Engraving Machine Parameters

Standard working size400*400, 600*600, 600*900 (mm)
Frame TypeDesktop, Portable, frame with protecting cover
Spindle Power1.5KW, 2.2kw, 3.0kw
Cooling SystemWater cooling, mist cooling
Cost Range$2500.00 - $10000.00

CNC Metal Engraving Machine Video

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