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What is CNC Laser Machine?

CNC Laser machine is the generic terms of laser carving machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine. Laser machine uses its principle of high temperature to work on the surface of processing materials. Meanwhile, according to the inputted machine’s graphics, it draws the clients required patterns, text, etc.

CNC Laser machine is usually divided into laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine. Laser cutting machine includes laser metal cutting machine and laser nonmetal cutting machine. Laser marking machine includes laser nonmetal marking machine and laser metal marking machine.

CNC Laser Machine Features

1. 360 degree slope carving function, solving printing problems completely.

2. High processing efficiency, 10 – 15 times as much for manual carving, high accuracy, low cost and good printing effect.

3. Optimized design for mechanical structure, minimum overall size. Not only saving time, but also non- deformation structure and high cutting precision.

4. High-subdivision driver with German high-tech which runs more than 5 times faster than single chip machine.

5. The linear guide rail, from Taiwan, which has more than 20 years using life.

6. It is convenient to maintain lase head, for unique exhaust system effectively protecting the laser head.

7. Special metal lens makes the focused laser light become stronger and thinner.

8. Using proprietary technology makes the carving rubber plate more effective and not easy to burn.

9. Genuine laser carving software with powerful functions, carving and cutting can be done together, providing free upgrade services.

10. The whole plate can be put into front and back input direction without cutting.

CNC Laser Machine Applications

1. Printing and packaging industry: rubber plate carving and cutting, paper products carving and cutting.

2. Craft gift industry: crystal carving, bamboo carving, wood plate book carving, mahogany carving, double color plate carving, boxes handicraft carving, chessboard carving and marble carving.

3. Advertising industry: organic glass carving (cutting), double color plate carving, all kinds of signboards laser making.

4. Leather garment industry: all kinds of leather,clothing, fabric patterns, artificial leather pattern carving and cutting.

5. Model industry: building model marking, ABS plate cutting, aviation model cutting, wood chip cutting and carving.

6. Stone (tombstone) industry: carving pictures and words on marble and granite.

7. Studio industry: carving pictures on photo album, photo paper, organic glass, acrylic and wood products, and special photo album making.

CNC Laser Cutting Machine Video

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