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What is ATC CNC Router for Furniture Production Line?

The panel furniture production line is composed of disassembly software, woodworking atc cnc cutting machine, cnc side hole drilling machine or PTP cnc machine, full automatic edge banding machine and other equipment. The panel furniture production line can make design and production for wardrobes, cabinets and other panel furniture automatically.

ATC CNC Router for Furniture Production Line Process

1. Design and make the cnc producing bar code when you get the furniture making order

2. Auto layout by nesting atc cnc router machine

3. Make edge banding after board cutting by automatic edge banding machine

4. Scanning bar code and make vertical side hole processing automatically by PTP cnc machining center

5. Assemble cabinet boards one by one to finish the whole cabinet making

ATC CNC Router for Furniture Production Line Features

1. Perfect integration of automatic labeling, automatic loading and unloading, blanking, punching, cutting and automatic blanking, continuous process, maximization of efficiency, powerful compatibility and seamless joint with a variety of software.

2. Automatic feeding, dust removal and positioning system can reduce labor cost, work intensity, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.

3. Whole machine patent design structure, equipped with pushing material and dust removal equipment, can truly achieve automatic continuous work.

4. Automatic labeling and plate processing can be carried out at the same time, saving time and efficiently matching various labeling methods, which can completely avoid various accidents and errors that may occur in the automatic labeling process.

5. Traditional machines cut max 50 sheets a day, now the cnc cutting machine can processing 60-80 sheets per day based on the calculation of 8 hours, especially with automatic loading and unloading function, which can produce 100 sheets a day.

CNC Panel Furniture Production Video

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