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Woodworking ATC CNC Router Machine

Machine Features

1. Adopt High strength welded bed with tempering aging treatment, Five sides milling CNC machining center processing, guarantees rigidity and precision of the machine,cutting or carving aluminum won’t vibration

2. Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle, ensure the aluminum cutting effect, long life with less maintainance

3. Taiwna planetary gear reducer and Japan Yaskawa servo motors and drives make the machine with lower noise, higher accuracy

4. Taiwan Auto tool changer system, change the tool automatically according to different carving and cutting work, save more working time and labor cost

5. Taiwan Syntec 6MB control system, easy to operate, and work stable

6. 3.0kw double bag dust collector, good dust absorption and less maintenance

Technical Parameters

X,Y,Z Working Area1300*2500*300mm
Movement StructureX,Y German Gear and Rack , Z Taiwan Ball Screw
Guide RailTaiwan Hiwin Linear Guide for X.Y.Z Axis
Motors&DriversTaiwan Syntec Servo System
Spindle Power9.0KW HSD Air Cooling Spindle
Spindle Speed0-24000rpm/min
Working Speed0-4500mm/min
Vacuum Pump7.5KW -160m3/h
Control SystemTaiwan Syntec 6MB Control System
Command codeHPGL, G-code
Working precision0.05mm/300mm
Power SupplyAC380V+10% 50-60Hz
Compatible softwareType3/Artcam/UG/pro-E/Mastercam/UcancamV8

Machine Application

  1. Woodworking Industry: stereo wave board processing, wooden door, various furniture product auxiliary processing.
  2. Advertising Industry: Advertising label, PVC plate, PCB board (drilling and engraving), Double color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, plastic suction for making advertising dedication, word cutting, sign making, crystal word, LED display screen, kinds of doorplate, nameplate and so on.
  3. Mold Industry: Apply for carving various molds, wood pattern, Foam mould, and metal mold, etc.
  4. Musical instrument industry: instrument 3D surface engraving, shape cutting
  5. Wooden crafts.
  6. Exhibition industry: showcase, etc.

Machine Main Parts

Taiwan Auto tool magazine 8 pieces

Taiwan Auto Tool Magazine 8 pieces

Italy HSD ATC Spindle 9.0kw

Italy HSD ATC Spindle 9.0kw

Taiwan Syntec 6MB Control System

Taiwan Syntec 6MB Control System

Japan Yaskawa servo motor 850w

Japan Yaskawa Servo Motor 850w

Japan Yaskawa Servo driver 1.0kw

Japan Yaskawa Servo Driver 1.0kw

Taiwan Delta Inverter 11kw

Taiwan Delta Inverter 11kw

Working Samples

Woodworking ATC CNC Router Machine Working Samples

Woodworking ATC CNC Router Video

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